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Enhancement list for 4.3


This is taken from the rough draft of the release notes. We'll have a more detailed list of features and fixes (especially fixes made during the betas) in the next beta release. We will have one more beta release near the end of this month.

Linux 64-bit archicture now supported

* SlickEdit Core for Eclipse is now available in both 32 and 64 bit architectures on both Windows and Linux New User Interface Architecture

* This release incorporates a reworked user interface architecture into all of our supported platforms
* While the overall look and feel of SlickEdit is not greatly changed, there are enhancements to many dialogs and controls
* The open/save file dialogs on Linux systems are greatly improvedBeautifier Enhancements

* SlickEdit now features a new beautifier framework for C/C++ and Objective-C
* See the "Formatting" section of the C/C++ or Objective-C language options, or you can search for "beautify" in the Options dialog
* You can use any of the existing profiles, or modify a profile that most closely matches your preferences and save it
* Java, JavaScript, and other languages will be migrated to use the new beautifier in future releasesExpanded Auto-Complete Facility

* The list members functionality of Context Tagging® has been integrated into Auto-Complete so that there is one consistent symbol completion interface and one set of options for symbol completion
* Auto-complete will show function prototypes when you narrow the list down to a small set of functions, allowing you to choose which overloaded function you want to call and then go immediately into function argument help for that function
* The options for syntax expansion and alias expansion have been moved to the langauge-specific Auto-Complete options page so that all completion options can be configured from one unified locationDocument Overview Bar

* When using the SlickEdit Search facility, and choosing the "Highlight all Matches" option, a slim gutter area next to the scrollbar will appear showing the relative location of all matches
* Clicking on the hotspot links in the overview bar will take you directly to that location in the file.Improved large file handling

* SlickEdit can now handle text files over 2GB in size
* Convenience features like syntax highlighting and undo/redo support are gradually turned off as files grow larger to provide faster scrolling and searchingImproved Objective-C language support

* Auto-completion, context tagging, and formatting of Objective-C has been greatly improved
* Objective-C has been incorporated into the new Beautifier framework


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