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Some questions on re-tagging
« on: June 30, 2014, 09:07:57 pm »

I have SE 2012 and need to re-do the tagging for my workspace files, and have a couple of questions on that:

1. In the "Context Tagging - Tag Files" dialog (from menu Tools, Tag Files...) when I select the workspace tag file the buttons that get enabled include 2 buttons "Retag Src. Files" and "Rebuild Tag File...". What is the difference?

2. The help page for "Building and Managing Tag Files" says that one way to retag the workspace is to "Use the Projects tool window - right-click on the root node and select Retag Workspace". I can't find a Projects window in which I can do that so is this still valid or is it maybe out of date information now? There is a "Retag Workspace..." option in the Project menu which I'm guessing leads to the same thing?

What I'm trying to do is this. The source code from one of the projects in my workspace got moved from one server to another, so I deleted all the files on the old server from the project, and then added the source tree on the new server to it. And since doing that (a few weeks ago) I can now go to definitions of symbols on the new server, but when I try to list references to symbols, references from the files on the server don't get shown. So to fix this should I be re-tagging the source files, rebuilding the tag files or re-tagging the workspace?

I would do them all one by one, but it is a huge source code tree accessed via Samba and rebuilding the tag files takes quite a few hours during which SlickEdit becomes unusable, so I have to let it run overnight.