Author Topic: Can't add folders with same name...  (Read 8434 times)


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Can't add folders with same name...
« on: July 12, 2006, 01:54:37 am »
If I have a folder structure in my project like this:

    |- A1
    |   |-B
    |   |- C
    |- A2

I cannot add another folder, named "B", as a subfolder of "A2". I get the message "A folder of the same name exists" which is true but it exists as another subfolder. This seems a little limited! I want to have the same directory structure in my SlickEdit project as I have on disk.

Is there an easier way to build a project folder hierarchy that matches the folders on disk.

Thanks in advance.

ScottW, VP of Dev

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Re: Can't add folders with same name...
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2006, 06:08:22 pm »
Hi Chris,

How are you setting up this project--what specific steps are you using? What are you doing to add the folder named "B"?

I was able to successfully create a project using this file structure. I created the directory hierarchy as you described it and placed a single java file in each directory.

I created a new workspace and project in SlickEdit, and then I used Project > Project Properties to add the files. I selected the Files tab and used the "Add Tree" button to add the files. I did it once for the A1 tree and once for the A2 tree.  I didn't get any complaints about a duplicate folder.

In the Files tab, my file list looks like this:

If anything, it should have complained that I copied the same file to every subdirectory.  ;D

Let me know what steps you are taking to set up your project, so I can try them and see if they work for me.

If you haven't tried "Add Tree" or "Add Wildcard", give them a shot--they're way fast.