Author Topic: How do I change where my SlickEdit user configuration files are stored?  (Read 7353 times)

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To change the configuration directory location, set an environment variable called 'SLICKEDITCONFIG' to a directory on your local machine. The next time you start SlickEdit®, it will then use this new directory for your configuration instead. If a configuration does not exist here, it will create a new, numbered/version folder for you.

Alternatively, if you do not want to make a system level or environment variable change, you can specify the location by using the -sc invocation option.


Linux/UNIX: /opt/slickedit/bin/vs -sc /path/to/config/
Windows: "C:\Program Files\SlickEdit\win\vs.exe" -sc "c:\path\to\config\"

(Note: You can add -sc c:\path\to\config\ to your SlickEdit shortcut on Windows in the SlickEdit Shortcut-->Target field.)