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How do I speed up slower than normal menu response?


SlickEdit Support:
If you are seeing unusually slow menus in SlickEdit®, and this most often is in Projects with a large number of Makefiles and/or source files, there is a setting you can configure that should get you back running at normal speed:

Go to Macro Set Macro Variable and set the value of def_show_makefile_target_menu to either 2 or 0.

1) Bring up the Set Variable dialog (Macro Set Macro Variable).
2) Enter def_show_makefile_target_menu in the "Variable:" field.
3) Enter 2 in the "Value:" field.
4) Hit OK.

Here are the variable's valid values just in case you want to move to the 0 level:

0 - Disable all makefile submenus (Build menu and project toolbar)
1 - Enable all makefile submenus (Default)
2 - Enable makefile submenus only in the project toolbar (Build menu makefile targets are disabled).


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