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How do I uninstall SlickEdit®?


SlickEdit Support:
The uninstall process depends on the platform and version of SlickEdit you are using.

Microsoft® Windows®: First, go to (Help-->About SlickEdit) to identify the location of the User Configuration Directory. This directory can be deleted after performing the Windows uninstall if you desire.
To uninstall SlickEdit, go to the Add/Remove Programs section of the Windows Control Panel and uninstall SlickEdit.

UNIX: Delete the directory where SlickEdit was installed (/opt/slickedit/ by default) and everything under it. User configurations are stored in the .slickedit directory in the user's home directory by default.

Sounds ok, but uninstall is the first step to reinstalling. After this the hotfix is still applied and the vtg files are still there and SlickEdit still crashes within seconds of launch.

So what else needs to be done to clean out SlickEdit on Linux? How can I find out where these vtg files are located?

Sounds to me like you are asking a more specific (and different) question than "How do I uninstall Slickedit".

If you were really only wanting to uninstall, you wouldn't have any hotfixes to apply (or be trying to apply them).

You could have leftover vtg, vpj, vpw files, of course, but these should be easy to find as they will be in your project directories.

Please explain more clearly what you are really trying to do.  SE support provided an answer if all you are trying to do is uninstall (and not uninstall/reinstall in an attempt to fix some issue that you have not explained).

Good luck

BTW - if you really do have a more specific question about an issue you are having, you should post it as a new topic instead of in this FAQ topic.  If you really just want to uninstall SE, I think the instructions given by SE support are pretty clear.

No, I am trying to get full uninstall instructions.

As you say, the given instructions do "uninstall", but only some things. It clearly does not uninstall all things. Worse, the patches are still hanging around and being applied according to about / help. I cannot even explore the UI for these things as SlickEdit just crashes in less than 5 seconds.

SlickEdit Support:
To completely uninstall:

Delete your SlickEdit install dir: /opt/slickedit/
Delete your SlickEdit Config dir: /home/m******/.slickedit/


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