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What is Context Tagging?
« on: July 24, 2014, 06:54:28 PM »
Context Tagging is a feature found in Visual SlickEdit® v4.0 and later that takes tagging one step further by analyzing your current code context, including the name of your current function or procedure, the class it belongs to, local variables visible in the current scope, and what class members and global variables, etc. are visible from the current context. This feature allows SlickEdit® to jump to the location of the tag by putting your cursor on the name and pressing a hot-key such as Ctrl+Dot. To pop back to where you were use Ctrl+Comma.

Tagging is done dynamically, as you type, so SlickEdit® always knows your code and the current context.

  Auto List Members - Alt+Dot
  Auto Parameter Info - Alt+Comma
  Tag Navigation - Ctrl+Dot
  Go to References - Ctrl+Slash

For more information, search the SlickEdit help for "Context Tagging".