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Strip trailing spaces option is not working

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Praveen Kumar:
Even though I selecting "Strip all trailing spaces" in slickedit preferences, slickedit is not stripping the spaces effectively.

Phil Barila:
Does it work when you actually save the file?  In the SE editor, it often leaves extra trailing spaces as the editor is doing it's thing, especially in comment blocks.  When the file is saved, however, the trailing spaces are removed.

Thanks for the report.  It does appear that the trailing spaces aren't being stripped beyond the Truncation line column.  I will have to see if there is a workaround for this.

Praveen Kumar:
Thanks Phil Barila and Lee :-)

Lee@: Yes, I confirmed the 'stripping trailing spaces' fails only for the spaces beyond the truncation line column. Switching 'ON' the Windows->SlickEdit Preferences->Truncation Line Length breaks few other things as well.

1. Strip Trailing Spaces
2. Copy/Paste issue
3. Line Numbering issue
4. coding on next line issue   

Please find the attached animated image for better understanding.

I can definitely say there are still some quirks with the Truncation line enabled.  Thanks for the video,  I will take a look at it and see what can be done for the next update.


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