Author Topic: Per-project JDK configuration problems  (Read 803 times)


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Per-project JDK configuration problems
« on: August 24, 2014, 05:18:09 pm »
The next beta drop will have Java 8 support. I would also like to see the per-project JDK configuration fixed, because switching between projects that need different versions of Java should be seamless.

Assigning a JDK to a project and have it used consistently throughout the entire Java tool chain should be easy for my, Joe User. Go into project settings -> compile/link, pick your JDK and you are done. Compile, debug,  unit testings, javadocs, java API lookup will just work using the selected JDK.

Reality bites.
  • There is the Java Options Dialog, offering up plenty of opportunities to contradict what you just configured in the project settings. Right at the bottom there is a Java installation directory, and it carries the stern reminder that whatever you pick there is going to apply to ALL your projects and configurations. This must be a mistake, right? A hold-over from the darker days where you were restricted to just on JDK, maybe?
  • A number of tools (debugger, unit testing) blithely ignore the JDK selection and are hoping/assuming that you have set up your PATH environment variable correctly so that the tool can find 'javac' or 'java'.
  • There is no easy way [I could find] to make API lookups and tagging work in conjunction with my JDK selection, e.g. get the right tag library for the right JDK. This also, should be automatic.

Why can SE not generate an import statement like 'import org.junit.Test;' for a class found in one of the projects' jar?. Sorry, wrong topic..


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Re: Per-project JDK configuration problems
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2014, 06:09:56 pm »
Great suggestions. Thanks