Author Topic: Floating Tools windows don't close on ESC, and wierd UI in the context menu.  (Read 2304 times)


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In V18, Tool Windows "Find Symbol" and "Open" would close when you press escape.
In v19 they do not.

Typical workflow:
press Alt-S, Y (Search, Find Symbol).
"Find Symbol" tool window appears (floating on top of everything else).
Type something, don't find what I like.
Press ESC.
"Find Symbol" closes and I continue working.
In v19, ESC just moves focus back to the edit window.

The "list-buffers" window, does close with ESC, just like in V18.
They look the same, yet they behave differently.

Also, the context menu for tool windows is wierd.
In V18, we had Dockable, Floating, AutoHide, Hide. ToolBars->, ToolWindows->.
In V19, we have Dockable, Float, Dock, Hide, Duplicate.

#1: "Float" is enabled / disabled instead of unchecked and checked. (V18checked == V19 greyed out/disabled) This is wierd ui.
V19 Float/Dock seems to be the same functionality as V18Floating (checked, unchecked).

#2: Why were ToolBars-> and ToolWindows-> removed? Can we have them back?

#3: I don't care for AutoHide, but I know some people like parts of their UI magically sliding in and out, I suspect some will miss this.
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For now, if you want the Find Symbol/Open tool window to dismiss on Esc, go to Tools>Options>Appearance>Tool Windows select the Find Symbol/Open tool window and check "ESC dismisses floating window. We will fix these defaults in the next beta.

#1 This is how Visual Studio operates and we like this way better.

#2 Not sure.

#3 I think we're going to add an option to automatically slide in/out on hover over but this definitely won't be the default. I'm so glad we made this change because I didn't used to like AutoHide and now I love it.