Author Topic: Maximized "Reg-ex" window cannot be dragged  (Read 1787 times)


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Maximized "Reg-ex" window cannot be dragged
« on: September 03, 2014, 09:56:40 pm »
Open  RegEx.

Open RegEx.

#1 RegEx Window cannot be dragged with the mouse.

Close it.
Reopen it.
Maximize it.
Drag it.
Restore it
Maximize it

#2 After Maximize again, its position jumps to where you dragged it while it was maximized the last time.

Correct Windows behavior should be:

While maximized, if you drag it or size-it, it should immediately change to its restored state and restored size.
You cannot drag or size a window that is in the maximized state (well, there are special cases when the maximum window size is less than the size of the monitor, but lets ignore that for now). Attempting to drag or size a maximized window should set the window back to its restored state.
Maximized is always full-screen - The only size and position information saved for Maximize is which monitor it should be maximized to.
Double-clicking the title bar should toggle maximized state on/off.

Open reg-ex again, floating.
Make it wide and short, not at wide as the screen, maybe 7/8, and ensure that it is entirely visible.
In the main edit window, be sure to have a docked window.
DockedWindow.Width + RegEx.Window > Screen.Width.

Drag RegEx, and doc it using the top hotspot of the big plus-sign thingy that appears while dragging the reg-ex window.
This makes it doc above the text editor area, and to the right of the left hand docking area.
#3: Sometimes when I do this, the RegEx tool doesn't have a title bar anymore, so I can't drag it or anything.
See attached screen shot.

#4: un-dock RegEx.
It is positioned with the right-edge of its window offscreen, so I have to drag it around to be able to hit the close box.