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Keyboard navigation in the UI
« on: September 04, 2014, 08:47:58 pm »
From keyboard alone, how do I navigate between "Search<0>" and "Search<1>"?

it would be great if there was a section in HELP dedicated to keyboard navigation around the UI.
How do you get to menus from the keyboard (Well, Windows its ALT, but what about Mac?)
How do you get to the CMD bar?
How do you switch between tabs in a docked tool window?
How do you dock / float a tool window?
How do you switch to docked and undocked too windows?
How do minimize, maximize, restore each different window?
How do you navigate between the options pages in Option?
How do you select which search results tab?


Common keys grabbed by other applications:
Ctrl+Alt+??: Seems to be a common thing for other applications to hook.
For example:
Ctrl+Alt+arrow: Intel graphics drivers grab these to change display orientation.
Ctrl+Alt+P: KeePass auto-type.