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No horizontal scrollbar or thumb b4
« on: September 15, 2014, 10:38:11 pm »
As I reported previously for SE 18, horizontal scroll bar is ON in Options, but when I open certain files, the horizontal scroll bar does not automatically display. Resizing the editor window with the mouse does not make the horizontal scroll bar appear. Vertical scroll bar is OK. I checked all of the files I opened and they DO contain lines that are wider than the current editor window, so horizontal scroll bar should appear (right?). So far I have tried opening them from Open dialog and from recent file list on File menu.

In certain other instances, the horizontal scrollbar IS displayed automatically, but there is NO horizontal scroll bar THUMB. I resize the editor window with the mouse on the window border and the thumb still does not appear.

So far I have tried opening .txt, .html, .e, .h, and .pl files. There does not seem to be any pattern as far as file type is concerned. I did not see any recent similar reports in Community Forums.

SlickEdit 2014 (v19.0.0.7 64-bit)

Serial number: FE11473_BETA
License type: Beta License
License expiration: 2014-10-30 13:42:00
License file: C:\ProgramData\slickedit\19\slickedit.lic

Build Date: September 11, 2014
Emulation: CUA

OS: Windows 8 x64
OS Version: 6.02.9200 
Memory: 51% Load, 3090MB/6031MB Physical, 4557MB/12175MB Page File, 825MB/134217727MB Virtual
Shell Info: C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /q
Screen Size: 1920 x 1080

Project Type: No project open
Language: .txt (Plain Text)

Installation Directory: C:\Program Files\SlickEditV19.0.0 x64 Beta4\ (non-removable drive,NTFS,462410MB free)
Configuration Directory: C:\Users\David\Documents\My SlickEdit Config\19.0.0\ (non-removable drive,NTFS,462410MB free)
Spill File: C:\Users\David\AppData\Local\Temp\$slk.8432 (non-removable drive,NTFS,462410MB free)

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