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It seams the value of VCSLocalPath is kept in *.vtg project file and not computed according to the actual location the project is opened from.
My suggestion is that the VCSLocalPath will be computed upon opening of the project file and receive the actual path from where it was open.

The problem - basics:
1. Different users may have different working directories for the same project.
2. Even more critical - the same project may be branched (for different customers) and the same user will have several working folders on his disk.

The Prblem - details:
I work with Surround SCM (Seapine) for version control on a multiuser project.
Each user has a different Local Working Folder defined for his SCM user.
Moreover, the same project on different branches can also have different Local Working Folder.

The Local Path information given to the SCM is held in the project *.vpg file.
This path is given to the SCM by Slick Edit in order to automatically determin the respository associated with this Local Path (there can be only one such).

If my user does not have the same local path defined in the SCM then I will be asked to "Fix" the problem by pointing to the correct repository.
While this is very anoying (especially working with several projects) - it is controllable.
This more crtical problem is if by chance the Local Path defined in the *.vtg is found but points to the wrong repositry (because it is not my original Local Path and I use that specific path for a different project or maybe the same project but different version).

I hope there is an easy solution...

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Are you using the SCC interface to this version control system?


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Yes I am using the Surround SCM SCCI.
I attach a screen shot of the Slick Edit Version Control dialog box.

Can you suggest a way to overcome this issue?

My ideas are:
1. Slick Edit will issue a patch so that VCSLocalPath represents the local path of the project.
2. Workaround: Update the VCSLocalPath value before the SCCI uses it.
3. Workaround: The project will open without SCC support and a dedicated script will start the SCC according to the local path of the project.

I would b e grateful if you could point out how the above can be done.
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