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trouble with integrated debugger

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Thanks for the response.

>What version of GDB are you using?
I tried it with GDB 6.4 and GDB 6.2.1. I get the same behaviour

>Exactly what kind of debugging session are you starting, remote, local, attach to PID?
It's a local debug session started by "Debug --> Start"

>With respect to the breakpoint problem, let me venture a guess.  Is the breakpoint in the >shared library?
Yes the breakpoint is in a shared library.

>If so, then it's natural that the breakpoint can't be set immediately when the debugging >session is started, since GDB doesn't know about those modules yet.  Unfortunately, using >the MI interface, deferred breakpoints do not seem to work at all with GDB (as of 6.4, >despite what the docs say).

SlickEdit support is investigating the debugger problem. I've alreday sent some log files to SlickEdit. As soon as I get a response, I'll post it here.



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