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SlickEdit Core 4.3.2 for Kepler: Release Candidate now available

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SlickEdit Core for Eclipse 4.3.2 Release Candidate is now available for both Windows and Linux, both 32 and 64 bit platforms.
Use the following URL for your software update site:   This release supports Eclipse 4.3-4.4.

If you have previous SlickEdit Core 4.3.0/4.3.1 Beta, please uninstall before downloading.  Help > About Eclipse, and use Installation Details, select SlickEdit Core for Eclipse 4.3.0 and use Uninstall....

The Program Improvement Program dialog is preventing Eclipse Luna from starting.  No matter which button I click the dialog is not dismissed.  I am unable to start Eclipse at all!  Is there any way to disable this dialog?

What platform is this?

The "Eclipse Luna" might offer a clue.  IIRC, the betas were not targeted to run on Luna, only Juno and Kepler, and someone who tried to run it on Luna said it didn't work at all.

Kepler and Luna are supported in this release.  I have not been able to reproduce this issue yet in either version of Eclipse, but could be a new unreported issue.  Will need more information to help solve the issue.


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