Author Topic: Search Feature : _mffind() : Port of SE code to V19 beta 5 - not working  (Read 1783 times)


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I am trying to port my existing SE configuration environment - to the SE beta.

I have attached some testcases for _mffind() - (aa_test_01_cmd(), etc).

I have also attached some screen shots of SE 2004 V09 search results from _mffind().

The screen shots (attached) are how I use SE in daily coding - when I grep my
code - using SE command bound to toolbar buttons (sample code file attached).

I have numerous grep macros that work in my SE 2004 V09 product - using the syntax (test 01);


This syntax does not port to V19 Beta 5 - so I tried variations such as (test 02);


  • Syntax permutations - Other variations I tryed do not work (see attached).

Note that I tryed many more variations - than what is attached.

[1] Desired outcome : All I want - is to put the search results in the SE Search
result pane at the bottom of the window - as shown in the attached screen shots
- from my SE 2004 V09 product. No prompt, single line results, all in MDI child.

[2] Reference Sources : I went through the _mmfind() posts in the SE forum - as
well some posted macro files. Tryed some of the code - but to no avail.

[3] Question : Should I be using a newer better version of a search feature?
I tried find() - but it pops a GUI - where I need results dumped to MDI child.

The old code works on my day to day version (SE V09) - but I would really like
to port my environment to the latest beta (SE V19).

Went through the help file - on _mffind() - but I must be missing something.


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The multi-file find has evolved a bit since your previous version, some of parameter defaults may not work the way they used too unfortunately.  Recording a macro with the Find and Replace tool window may also give you insight on how the various settings are applied.


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This worked out great - and really helped me port
my current SE code to the beta.

I have other questions on _mffind() and will put them
in some other posts to keep this post simple.

Thank you so much for the syntax example :-)