Author Topic: Search Feature : _mffind() : Automatic (macro) control of file path display  (Read 834 times)


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I grep code with _mffind() as follows;

   _mffind(target_tag_str,'I',MFFIND_BUFFER,'',MFFIND_GLOBAL | MFFIND_SINGLELINE, false, false, '', '', true, 0);

I use parameter [3] = MFFIND_WORKSPACE_FILES - to grep the entire workspace. Often
the result is 'busy' - because the target file full paths are long (see attached).

The result data could be 'cleaner' - if I could switch off the full path information -
and just have a list of files.

Note that complexity of a recursive presentation (as herein) - can be reduced via
coloring the list items with different colors - as below;

MFFIND_RESULT_ITEM_TEXT     = COLOR = None (its just text)

For now, however, I would be more than happy with the full path removed from the
presentation data.

I looked in the - Menu : Tools -> Options -> Editing -> Search - options set, but did
not find an area of options to control the search results of an _mffind() action.

Is there some macro I can use - or global variable I can set - that can switch off
the full path information in _mffind() operations - and just create expandable
file items - labeled with just the file name alone?


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The full path for each file is currently required to open the file for Search Results.  I can file a feature request to change how the file results are presented for a future release.


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That would be wonderful :-)

The power of the SE grep functions is really awesome - and streamlining
the search result presentation architecture will make it even better!