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B6: C++ Comment Wrap
« on: October 02, 2014, 05:07:23 pm »
Comment wrap not quite right.

I have defined my C++ comments to be "//*  ".  And so that have to type less for this test, I've set the margins to 33.

However, when it wraps, most of the time (not always) it still just inserts "//  " and not "//*  ".

When I attempt to "reflow", it really highlights the issue as shown in the attachments.

Beta 6, Win-64

Here is the sample text I'm working with:

   //*  RoutineName
   //*  This is a long line of text comments to test how C++ wraps data my this
   //*  style of formatting.  Hopefull I can make sense of this sooner
   //*  than later.  What is going on here?  It just isn't wrapping like