Author Topic: B6: Java junit run from project tree ignored without build-first  (Read 1498 times)


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When the build-first checkbox in the java unit test tool is cleared, unit tests selected from the project tree are not run.
  • Clear the build-first option in the unittest project tool
  • Build the project to ensure it compiles successfully
  • Pick one of the packages or files from the project tree, right-click and pick unittest->run

The unittest tool will run but will not execute any tests:
OK (0 test)

On a related note: For some years now, the post unittest cleanup is trying to delete a batch file it has already deleted, resulting in the following ugly set of lines in the build window. The cmd file it is trying to delete is the one that contains the del command, i.e. it is trying to delete itself. The file starts with 'echo BEGIN_TESTING', you will probably find a few dozen of them littering appdata/temp, leftovers from aborted unittests. Can you fix this while you are at it?

N:\temp\se19beta\projectfiles>del C:\Users\....\AppData\Local\Temp\4104001b13.cmd
The batch file cannot be found.