Author Topic: remote debugging cursor sync problem  (Read 3288 times)


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remote debugging cursor sync problem
« on: February 06, 2007, 02:08:02 pm »

    I have successfully set up the internal SE gdb front end to attach to and debug an ARM LPC2138 processor using a gdb version compiled the ARM. A problem I have with the set up though is that when I attach, the yellow arrow which is supposed to point to the current line is way off the current line,  sometimes not even in the edit window.

In fact, often there are two arrows, the second one being somewhere inside the build window below. In other words, the arrow(s) are off in la la land all by themselves, accountable to no-one and nothing.  When I step or run to a breakpoint, the cursor itself moves (the vertical line...) correctly (the arrows don't move at all) and everything else works as expected so it is easy enough to debug with, but annoying to have the yellow cursor obviously not working correctly...  Is there something I could do to force the yellow arrows to "sync up" with the cursor?

 I am using windoze SE version 11.0.2 with the latest hot fixes installed. The gdb version is arm-elf-gdb.exe and the debug format is a dwarf-2 formatted elf file....*.elf.