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Syntax coloring improvement
« on: October 27, 2014, 04:21:54 PM »

is there any way to improve the symbol coloring in SlickEdit?

What I mean is the extended form with the initial delayed update when scrolling around in a source file?

In the options I have maxed out the settings already - I set the number of lines to color above/below the current page to 1000 as well as "Windows to color" to all windows. But at best, it colorizes about 1 page above/below the page, pressing page up/down just twice and I'm already back in the (almost) uncolorized view until it gets updated.

Is there a way to improve how this is handled? It's 2014, a typical development machine should (most of the time) have at least 16-32GB ram and a quite powerful CPU - so I wonder why it isn't possbible to have a whole file colorized in the backrgound - even if it takes a few seconds and requires a bit of memory it hardly should matter much these days?

Or did I just miss some hidden settings?

Btw. I use the current SlickEdit beta but it was the same with the previous releases.

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Re: Syntax coloring improvement
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2014, 11:51:46 PM »
In Unix terminology, Symbol coloring runs at a pretty high "nice" level.  The performance of Symbol Coloring has been dramatically improved in version 18 and 19, but we still throttle it back because very few developers are keen for their CPU to be pegged while SlickEdit is coloring off-screen lines.

The settings you are using should work well, but you have to give it time.  If your machine has the compute power to make it a non-issue, you could also try increasing the chunk size from 20 to something more like 200.  Also, if you reduce the "Update after (ms) idle" time, Symbol coloring can get started a bit sooner.

We have plans in the future to drive Symbol Coloring with a background thread (or multiple threads), and that will make a huge difference.  It is no simple task, but we are working towards it step-by-step.