Author Topic: Custom Toolbars : Form Removal : New beta mechanisms available (GUI, cmd, *.e)  (Read 1202 times)


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I am trying to understand the four different ways to remove toolbars -
such as the custom toolbar forms I create. 

[1] GUI (non-toolbar customization dialog)
[2] SE command line
[3] Programmatically (*.e)
[4] GUI Toolbar customization dialog

For each Slickedit operation mechanism domain above [1-4]: 

---[1] GUI

The SE Main Menu : Macro -> Open Form : Can list various forms I defined.

There is, however, no delete button to remove the form.  Is there a GUI
dialog somewhere else - where I can delete the Form (custom toolbar) via a
GUI approach? 

Note : I am looking for something OTHER than [4] the toolbar customization dialog.

---[2] SE command line

Is there some command on the command line I can use - to delete my custom

---[3] Programmatically (*.e)

I am using _tbAddForm() to add a custom Toolbar.  Is there a
_tbRemoveForm() to remove it? 

What SE API call can I use in my toolbar modules (*.e) - to unload
(delete) the toolbars during the module unload process - in my
custom Slickedit macro code?

---[4] GUI Toolbar Dialog

Like any programmer I often screw up - and for some reason - my toolbars
get loaded OK - and can be found using;

(3.a) SE Main Menu : Macro -> Open Form

.. but they can NOT be found using;

(3.b) SE Main Menu : View -> Toolbars -> Customize [Toolbars tab']

So the reason for [1,2,3] is that [4] does not always work out for me.

I suspect my _config_modify_flags() bit settings need some work. Until
I figure it out...

The ability to take a holistic approach [1,2,3,4] - gives me plenty of
solutions - in case I screw up on my toolbar code - during the SE code
development phase - for first time SE feature experimentation. 

I reviewed the help:

Creating and Distributing Custom Toolbars

And the material in the 2013 SE User Guide (*.pdf).

Hopefully I am not missing some stuff in the documentation - regarding a
holistic understanding of form removal in the new beta release.