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I thought I would just log this type of SE stack error. Since I am familar with the problem - it
is no problem for me.

Use Case : Map a custom toolbar button to an existing SE command - but enter in command name incorrectly.

If I have a command such as;


... specified in a toolbar button definition....

I can cause an SE stack error by changing the defintion syntax to;


If I do this - load my SE module - and test the toolbar button - I
get a stack error - as attached (ie; see attached screen shot).

Note that the actual command name (ccv_tag_load_file_map_cmd) -
is always the same - and never changes. I just change the name in
the toolbar button definition (as described herein).

This is not a problem for me - but I thought I would post this issue -
incase the SE dev team would prefer - an 'unknown command' response - in
this situation (ie; where the command name is correct - except for the
character case).


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By my read of the Slick-C stack, it looks like the real problem is that your SE_tag_search() (or possibly tag_file_search()) calls _mffind() with the current object being something other than an editor control.  You probably want to use if (!_no_child_windows) _mdi.p_child.tag_file_search(...)


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I'll try this out on SE V19 Release Candidate 4 (RC4) - and post the results.

Thanks so much for your advice :-)