Author Topic: RC3 - background tagging thread never stops  (Read 2837 times)


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RC3 - background tagging thread never stops
« on: November 05, 2014, 11:51:49 pm »
This has been happening since beta 5 (ish) on both Linux 64 and Windows 64.  I have a C++ project (LLVM) and the background tagging process never stops.  It lasts for days on end. When I close out the app, the background thread still runs and I have to manually kill all VS processes.


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Re: RC3 - background tagging thread never stops
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2014, 12:21:26 am »
I have not been able to reproduce this issue, so I think some more details are in order.

1. Have you tried rebuilding the tag file from scratch?  It could be you have a corrupted tag file that is just causing more problems every time you try using it.

2. Have you tried rebuilding the tag file in the foreground?  Maybe there is a source file with a particular parsing bug that is causing the problem.  If foreground tagging hangs, then background tagging isn't going to have any better luck.

3. How large is the workspace and tag file in question?  Is the size of your tag file approaching the 2G tag file size limit?  Do you have individual files in the workspace that are extremely large files?

4. When it appears to be hung, does SlickEdit appear to be making progress or is it idle?

5. Do you have def_tagging_logging turned on?  This can slow down background tagging, even though it is a useful tool for debugging problems such as this.  Macro > Set Macro Variable > def_tagging_logging (writes to config/logs/tagging.log).

6. Do you commonly run multiple instances of SlickEdit, such that they compete for the same tag files?

7. What programming language are the source files in question in?  I really need to know all the languages involved.

8. If you are working on open source or something you can share with our support department, can you send us the workspace that it hangs tagging?

9. Is the workspace and tag file local, or on a network drive?

10.  How large is your tagging cache?  Tools > Options > Editing > Context Tagging
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