Author Topic: SE GUI copy/paste : Cursor moves on Paste Operation : Unwanted change in cursor  (Read 6684 times)


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I am currently testing SE RC5.

Since RC4 or RC5 - I've noticed that the paste selection operation (of a marked text block) -
no longer keeps the cursor - in the upper right corner of the pasted text block - on the FIRST
copy (ie; after the text is actually pasted - and the text block is still selected in the new file -
see options settings and explanation below).

Additional copies of the selection block (like when you are replicating a code block more than
once (for a switch case block - for example) - are just fine (paste operation is like always - with
the cursor remaining in the upper right hand corner of the new (copied/pasted) text block.

Its only on the first paste operation - that the unwanted cursor movement occurs.

The following SE option setup - is my configuration - for cursor movement of selected text.

   //#---4---- Menu ------ :  Options -> Editing -> Cursor Movement -------------------------:_:---#

      [1] Cursor right/left wraps to next/previous line  = Off                      Default = On

      [2] Cursor up/down places cursor in virtual space  = On                       Default = Off

      [3] Click past end of line                         = On                       Default = Off

      [4] Undo affects cursor movement                   = On                       Default = Off

   //#---5---- Menu ------ :  Options -> Editing -> Selections ------------------------------:_:---#

      [1] Extend selection as cursor moves               = Unchecked                Default = Checked

      [2] Deselect after copy                            = Unchecked                Default = ?

      [3] Deselect after paste                           = Unchecked                Default = Checked

      [4] Auto deselect                                  = Unchecked                Default = ?

      [5] Inclusive character selection                  = Checked                  Default = Unchecked

      [6] Shift+Cursor always char select                = Unchecked                Default = Checked

This only started to occur - on the later Release Candidate SE versions - and never occurred - during
the earlier beta test version (ie; up to Beta 6).

Note that I am selecting text in one file (a code stub file) - and pasting that selection as a square
block of text (not a whole set of lines). So I am using the 'select_block' macro - for selection : and
the 'copy_to_cursor' OR the 'overlay_block_selection' macros.

(1) Both macros (copy and overlay) - seem to exhibit this unwanted cursor movement behavior.

(2) It only seems to occur - going from one file (the text selection
      source) - to the other file (the paste target area).

(3) It only occurs on the first transfer of the text block (from the source to target files).
    Once the first paste operation occurs - subsequent paste operations - in the same file -
    do NOT exhibit this unwanted behavior. (which is just a replay of item (2) above).

(4) If you select from File_1.txt : and paste to File_2.txt, File_3.txt, File_4,txt : where
    each time is the FIRST time paste operation for the file - the cursor ALWAYS moves to
    the far right upper corner of the target text block area (which is unwanted behavior).

I hope this is repeatable for the SE dev team.