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I am testing out SE RC5 - and ran into a problem with SE custom menus - as
explained herein. 

When developing Slickedit code modules - new definitions of macros simply
override the old - when a new SE module is loaded - that redefines
existing macros. 

The constant 'reload' of SE modules - simple updates the existing macros -
during SE code development. 

---------- Introduction : SE Menu loading - does NOT update existing menus ---

Just like Slickedit custom macros - custom Slickedit menus - should be
updated - as the Slickedit menu code is being developed. 

Each load of the latest version of the SE module - should update existing
menu definitions. 

As it turns out - this does not seem to happen with the attached modules.

I am not sure if this is a (1) SE Menu size limitation issue - or (2) a
more fundamental problem with updating an existing 'user menu definition'. 

---------- Attachments ---------------------------------------------------

[1] MDI Menu Item stub module -

[2] [Small Test] MDI Menu Item Definition module -  ...V1

[3] [Large Test] MDI Menu Item Definition module -  ...V2

[4] Screenshot [1] - shows delete of menu - for reload of updated SE module.

The intent is that [2 or 3] is loaded and overrides [1].

Technically speaking - the general use case is to load many LLP (Low Level
Pattern) grep environments - for different code domains. 

The required Slickedit feature - would be the ability to just redefine (1)
a MDI menu item - or (2) an existing menu definition. 

Note that [3] will NOT load - due to menu size limitations of SE.

Ideally, [2] should override [1] - and [3] should override [2].

------------ Test replication -----------------------------

The following shows that -

(A) Load [1]

(B) Load [2] - Should redefine [1] to the new menu architecture.

(C) Load [3] - Should redefine [2] to the new menu architecture.

.. does not work.

------------ Discussion : Additional bugs (?) -------------

Normally - (B) should work - since attachment [2] works - when loaded.

One workaround - is the remove the menu definition - prior to
a reload of the new (menu) architecture.

Removing the menu definition - post (A,B or C) - would be;

SE MDI Menu -> Macro -> Menus : (Delete) => _ccv_SEM_01_Base_srh_mnu

The problem is that the Menu (Delete) operation - does not seem to work.

I have attached a screen shot to show part of the delete operation.
In a nutshell - you can't delete a menu item and reload it. Once loaded,
even if the menu is 'deleted' - you will never be able to reload it or
use it again. The fallback position is a previous ZIP of the config
directory - which provides a clean SE state space - to load in the

Note : I am using a *.Zip file of the My Slickedit Config directory - as a
fallback reference point - when testing out the SE module load process. 
In this way the same fallback reference point - is consistent in testing. 

If you 'fallback' to a previous Zip file - with no menu target defined -
you can always 'reload' the menu definition - unless its too big - and
it hits the SE menu size limit.

------------ Summary --------------------------------------

There are all sort of issues with custom SE menu artifacts - that simply
do NOT occur with SE custom macros (defined via SE code modules).

In a nutshell - you can not delete or redefine menu items easily - and
thus you really have a hard time - pushing the envelope - of the SE custom
menu features. 

As always, I hope I am not missing something simple - and this is really a
bug - or something that is not 'by design'.