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The Slickedit 2013 User Guide (in PDF format) - was the most helpful SE documentation artifact - because I could use advanced PDF tools and software - to find stuff.

I would be nice if the SE V19 User Guide (in PDF format) - had a section on SE customization - relative to (1) custom toolbars, (2) custom menus and (3) custom Macros : As a three point integration of SE console customization.

The design guidelines - in this section - could cover;

[1] Workspace centric integration of the SE Console design intent (by the SE user community).

[2] SE Module design - relative to three part integration of (1,2,3) - in a single module (custom code packaging).

[3] SE customization limitations (ie; menu size limits), dos and don'ts, etc.

[4] SE Custom Console load, unload and overwrite guidelines.

The ability to create SE Custom Consoles (toolbars, menus, macros) - for various technologies (database, networking) - and various methodologies (patterns, code visibility, refactoring stability, etc) - depends on knowing where the SE development group - is driving the SE Custom Design paradigm.

In going over the SE V19 beta forum activity - new features related to - a new design guideline paradigm (such as workspace centric toolbars, menus, console layout) - would be easier to understand and experiment with - if the core SE customization paradigm and limits (what can and can not be unloaded or removed, etc) - had a technology roadmap approach (similar to IBM, Intel and Microsoft engineering cultures).

A technology roadmap (for SE customization) - in the form of pragmatic design guidelines - would help speed the programming development cycle for new SE code - to take advantage of new SE features (for code operation automation, etc) - to push the envelop of programmer productivity in the Slickedit product.

In summary - the SE 2013 User guide - was a great way - to rapidly get up to speed on SE product customization - for long time dedicated users of the Slickedit. I hope the SE 2014 User Guide (in PDF) - will have a detailed section on the SE console customization paradigm - and where the SE Development Group sees the future going - regarding SE custom consoles based on SE Custom menus, toolbars and macros (as an integrated design canvas for programmer operation automation - based on the SE macro language foundation).

Thanks so much to the SE documentation team! I look forward to the PDF format for the SE V19 user guide - (and any other PDF format whitepapers or design guidelines) - since they are a real time saver :-)