Author Topic: How to bring Slickedit V19 main MDI window to foreground when it has focus?  (Read 1135 times)


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In Slickedit v19.0.0, is there a configuration setting that will bring the main MDI window to the foregound when it has focus?

Consider the case where I have the main MDI window sized to occupy about a quarter of my main computer screen.  Now, assume I have multiple (5-10) floating editor windows that partially obscure the view of the main MDI window as well as other floating windows.  I can bring each floating window to the foreground by clicking on it and giving it focus.  When I click on the main MDI window, it receives focus, but does not move to the foreground.

As a result, I cannot use the mouse to access any of the icons on the main MDI window toolbars.  I have tried workarounds like repositioning all the floating windows whenever I want to access any toolbar icons.  Also, reserving a dedicated portion of a second computer monitor for the main MDI window.  I really don't like the workarounds.  I had the same problem with V18.  In that case, my workaround was to go back to V17.


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We are trying to figure out a way to make all floating windows parented to the desktop instead of the main window. This probably looks like a super simple problem. Unfortunately, it is a very difficult problem to solve without causing all kinds of other problems that are worse. We haven't given up yet though.