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XML URL Mappings
« on: July 12, 2006, 02:56:46 am »
Our team always has trouble with the URL Mappings setting. Basically we use heaps of XML and most of the formats we used have W3C schema. The namespaces of our documents are, in a sense, fictional because the URL does not have a document behind it (as far as I am aware this is perfectly legal). When I try and use the URL mapping to map from the fictional generic URL to the URL of the SubVersion repository that holds the schema file, SlickEdit pauses and then offers the URL mapping dialog again. That is, it does not seem to either (a) be able to follow the URL mapping to the SVN repository, (b) be able to access the SVN repository or (c) understand the schema file when it reads it. I can't really tell what is going on, but the URL mapping dialog talks about DTDs and, of course, our schemas are not DTDs.

Without sorting out this problem SlickEdit can pause for a long time every time we open an XML document.

Does anyone else use XML with schema? Have you had trouble with the URL mappings? How did you solve them?

Can I get a more meaningful error message out of SlickEdit?


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Re: XML URL Mappings
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2006, 07:09:25 pm »
The URL Mapping dialog is very simplistic.  The "To" mapping is intended to be an absolute file path, not another URL.

Hopefully this helps you get things working.  If you have further problems with XML I encourage you to put together a small sample and send it in to