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Eclipse stops working and crashes when open *.mac file in slickedit (IBM HLASM)

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Praveen Kumar:
Opening the attached .mac file stops eclipse required force close, when open *.mac file in IBM HLASM mode of slickedit.

Similar issue happened in *.asm file and it was addressed by applying your hot fix.,10733.0.html

Unfortunately that hot fix is not addressing this issue.
Eclipse log file looks empty.

Also attached .gif file FYR,

This appears to be a new issue, I have reproduced at least one of the cases.  I am investigating the problem and will let you know when I have something.

Praveen Kumar:
Thank you Lee.

I have a hotfix for Window 32-bit build, which should address the lockup, attached to this post.  This does include the previous fix which you submitted before.

You will need to bring up the SlickEdit command-line (bound to ESC in most emulations) and use the load-hotfix command.   You will be prompted for a zip file (see attachment), and then restart Eclipse.  Do let me know if this resolves your issue, or if you happen across any other problems just start a new forum post.

Praveen Kumar:
Error loading hot-fix.
"Invalid hot fix. Could not open manifest: File not found"

Please find the attached image,


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