Author Topic: SlickEdit 2014 (v19.0.2) release candidate 1 is now available for download  (Read 1869 times)


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Please post issues the SlickEdit forum.

Release candidate 1 is available to all SlickEdit customers with a SlickEdit 2014 (v19) license
To download the v19.0.2 release candidate 1, visit your Registered Products page and click on the download icon.

Fixes, Features, and Enhancements in SlickEdit 2014 (19.0.2) RC 1
  • Added "Look in zip/word/excel files" check box to Find in Files Tab of Find and Replace tool window. Multi-file find now supports searching word and excel files. See on-line help for details.
  • Changed :bnext and :bprevious VIM EX commands to do next/prev buffer by default in one file per window mode. Added new def_vi_bnext which can be 'b', 'w', or 't' which corresponds to buffer, window, or tab (next_buffer, next_window, next_buff_tab). This def var is only supposed when in one file per window mode.
  • Fixed bug where using the document tab context menu item "Add to project" didn't work if the filename contains spaces.
  • Fixed problem in Perl parsing/color coding that would mistake a dictionary key called 'format' with a format statement, and drop in a spurious embedded section.
  • Fix for not being able to save customized project templates.
  • Fix for one place in VIM emulation where command mode keys could be grouped together into a single undo block.
  • Fixed stack that could occur when typing in an enum in Java mode.
  • Fix bug where a feature, like Go To Reference or Find, activates a tool-window to show results (e.g. References, Search Results), but restores all tabs in the tabgroup. This made it cumbersome because you had to Hide each tool-window to dismiss the tabgroup showing the results. Note that activating a tool-window via command, like activate_references or activate_search, will continue to restore the entire tabgroup.
  • Fixed bug where tab settings were not correctly set for buffers with XML or HTML based languages.
  • Fixed bug where showing tag Preview or References tool-window could change active editor window's tab settings.
  • Fixed 'o' command in VIM emulation so the cursor is put in the column calculated by SmartIndent if SmartIndent is enabled.
  • Make sure we use the current window when adding a new annotation and correct some spacing issues on the New Annotation form.
  • Make sure to save option for mapping extensionless files.
  • Fix for Slick-C stack if you pressed an unbound key in diff mode.
  • Fix for CVS GUI Update giving incorrect output.
  • Fix issue that can keep Perforce support from working depending on shell.
  • Fix bug in C++ context tagging when a template class is specifically imported.
  • Fixes for exclusions working properly for Tag Files dialog, Project Properties, and else where.
  • Fix for isdirectory() handling smb:// properly on Ubuntu. Fix for VIM appending to macro recording with 'q'.
  • Fix color coding for C-style hex integer literals in Perl.
  • Add code to make sure that the current configuration is passed along to vsbuild when doing a build-first operation, such as prior to starting a debugging run on a GNU project.
  • Fix bug where C/C++ preprocessing dialog would lose track of imported defines.
  • Fix import of language aliases.
  • Fix bug in calculation of applicable tag files for files that do not have any support for tagging operations. As a side-effect, this also fixes a the behavior of the Find Symbol tool window for such files.
  • Fix macro recording issue with Replace and List replaced matches option.
  • Fix bug handling C++ namespace aliases in context tagging.
  • Fix bug in re-toggle command that would prevent toggling with Perl or Wildcard regex syntax.
  • Fix symbol coloring bug where we did not handle local variable scoping correctly and another bug where we incorrectly matched a class function definition as a Global Function.
  • Fixed bug where a few help items with '::' in them didn't work due to parsing.
  • Fix bug parsing Perl expression with left shift operator following a hexidecimal number (was being interpreted as a here document).
  • Fix for v19.x bug where completion on UNC path could cause crash if you had a very large number of UNC names (more that 16k of data).
  • Fix bug that gave Slick-C stack if you tried to check out from Browse Repository dialog.
  • Not all fixes have been listed.
    Fixes, Features, and Enhancements in SlickEdit 2014 (19.0.1)
    • Added some support for GVFS samba file specs (i.e. smb://server/share/...).
      • The most convenient feature is the ability to drag drop GVFS samba file specs from the Ubuntu file explorer.
      • The "e" and "edit" commands fully support GVFS samba file specs.
      • The "list" and "dir" file manager commands fully support GVFS samba file specs.
      • Multi-file search supports GVFS samba file specs.
      • Multi-file diff supports GVFS samba file specs.
      • Projects don't support GVFS samba file specs. Projects can never fully support GVFS samba file specs
                      because compiler tools will likely never support GVFS samba file specs.
      • Open tool window only supports opening GVFS samba file specs. Change directory trips
                      up the open tool window badly. This will be improved in a later release.
      • Open dialog doesn't support GVFS samba file specs.
    • Added proc-search for m4 language and improved color coding.
    • Command+X/C/V are now supported in dialogs on Mac when in an emulation that does not have these standard bindings.
    • Fix for handling a default code page of Utf-8 on Unix and Mac so that files can be listed in the Open tool window and elsewhere.
    • Fix for color coding triple quoted strings in Python.
    • Fix for opening Visual Studio solutions on Unix or Mac.
    • Fix for duplicate buffers on Windows and Mac.
    • Fix for new ant-like include and exclude file matching on Mac. Needed to be case insensitive.
    • Fixed hotkeys ambiguity in Search menu so 'R' is the key for 'Replace' again.
    • Added fix to dismiss Dynamic Surround on loss of focus.
    • Fix Slick-C stack in list-tags when the symbol name contains a minus sign.
    • Fix autorestore case where we open a pre-v19 workspace from invocation command line and need to reset the layout.
    • Allow Symbols tool window to show duplicate class names and interface names. Tweak Symbols tool window go to definition to prompt if there are multiple matches.
    • Fixed javadoc editor problems with duplicating parameters and <p> tags.
    • Fix column headers when list-tags command is invoked on a file with member functions.
    • Added combo-box to list-tags dialog to make searching easier.
    • Fix when applying layout to new floating document group with auto-hide tabs. Auto-hide tabs were in wrong order.
    • Fix Slick-C stack when Open URL fails.
    • Fix various problems with using toggle-* commands to toggle ON/OFF tool-windows. For example, toggle-refs would sometimes not find an auto-hide window that was lowered, and instead create a new instance of the Refs window.
    • Fix various problems with the XML outline view in the Defs tool window.
    • Fix timing sensitive Slick-C stack in Class tool window.
    • Fix display of encoding on File Extension Manager.
    • Fix diff columns.
    • Add option to disable the edit command from trying to complete filenames of files in the same directory as the current file.
    • Fix alias expansions for empty/void function parameters/return types.
    • Fix for "Could not import DateTimeFilters" from network share configuration path.
    • Fix for correctly restoring tool windows in their previous floating position.
    • Fix so that Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab switches tabs in the Files tool window.
    • Fix so initializing the text box and the active tab of the Find tool window when it is docked.
    • Fix for listing all support encodings in the Save As dialog.
    • Fixes for opening and saving files as EBCDIC.
    • Fix for hang when setting default browser.
    • Fix syntax expansion removing a blank line.
    • Fix for brace style 3 bug where left brace would not be moved to the correct column.
    • Fix for bug where, in certain combination of circumstances, you end up with a floating group with an auto-hide tabgroup that could not be re-pinned.
    • Fix for crash when starting up SlickEdit with an XML file with a validation error (due to auto-restore).
    • Fix for infinite loop parsing Object-C @property in class definition.
    • Fix for opening XCode projects which has GUIDs that are all digits.
    • Fix for crash when unable to parse objects for XCode project.
    • Some fixes for parsing Fontran.
    • VIM emulation fix double click to select word.
    • VIM emulation fix for "y i w", "y i W", "y i s", and "y i p".
    • Not all fixes have been listed.