Author Topic: 19.0.2 diff stack  (Read 1584 times)


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19.0.2 diff stack
« on: March 12, 2015, 09:19:36 pm »

(reposting from support [/size]CAS-66952-BQW9)
While the "Backup History Browser" window was open I clicked on a changed buffer and tried to save.
[/color][/size]I got this stack.[/color][/size]Everytime I tried to save the same thing happened.Closing the browser and reopening it cleared the problem.Probably related to the previous thing I reported. ([/size]CAS-66951-L5L8)Invalid argumentbhrepobrowser.ex 7277 _cbsave_BackupHistoryBrowser() p_window_id: 336 p_object: OI_TREE_VIEW p_name: ctltree1files.ex 11334 call_list(_cbsave_) p_window_id: 275 p_object: OI_EDITOR p_name: saveload.ex 87 save_file(E:\tmp\THemes.txt,-O +DD -Z -ZR -E +SM +L ) p_window_id: 275 p_object: OI_EDITOR p_namefiles.ex 7056 save(,8) p_window_id: 275 p_object: OI_EDITOR p_name: