Author Topic: Popup display comments for C++ static class variable w/initializer not working.  (Read 1255 times)


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The popup which displays info about a variable isn't displaying the comment associated with the variable when the variable is a class static variable with an initializer in the cpp body.

Code: [Select]
class mouseOver
   // this is a mouseOver test description in header file
   static int testVar;

   // this is a placeholder function
   void myfunction();

Code: [Select]
#include "mouseOver.h"

int mouseOver::testVar = 5;

void mouseOver::myfunction()
   testVar = 22;  // mouse over testVar and SE doesn't display var's comment

(Can't promise this compiles but shows the problem found in code that does compile.)

SE  64-bit Windows 7 x64
Language C++
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Reproduced, and will go into the next rev of the cumulative hot fix for 19.0.2.