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Feature improvement request: Go To Definition default behavior


Phil Barila:
In the c file options, there is an almost useful pair of check boxes that set the Go To Definition default.
I say almost useful because if you set one of those, that's the only behavior you get, and it doesn't appear to be possible to override that behavior.  So if I usually want to look at the protptype, so I set the prototype option, when I occasionally want to look at the function implementation, I can't seem to find a way to override that, so I end up having to use the references.
Here's the specific request:  It would be nice if the Go To Definition behavior would notice that it's already at one of the two possibilities and jump to the other one.  So repeated Ctl+. would result in jumping back and forth between the prototype and the implementation.
Last, those should be a radio button, but maybe they are mutually exclusive checkboxes because you don't have radio buttons in at least one of your target environments?

Actually, it already does exactly what you suggest.  When you hit Ctrl+. and it takes you directly to the prototype, look at your message bar:  there is a message telling you to hit Ctrl+. again to go to the next declaration/definition.

The check boxes can not be radio buttons because we have to be able to turn both of them off for users who want to be prompted for proc or proto.

Phil Barila:
??? OK, now it works, even on the specific functions that it didn't work on when I wrote the note.  Before lunch, it just kept jumping to the proto, now it's doing what I would have expected.  If I see it again I'll see if I can generate a repro.  But I'm satisfied for now.
It would be a bit more intuitive if the radio had three values, one of them "off".


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