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Slickedit hanging
« on: June 24, 2015, 10:25:17 pm »
I am running SE Pro 2014 on my 64bit Linux Ubuntu machine. I have some across a situation that results in Slickedit hanging.
1) I search for a term that results in a match in many files (hundreds in the most recent case) .
2) I then start visiting each of those matches and make some change to each of the files, _without_ saving the changes.
3) Eventually, Slickedit winds up hanging. It seems to occur when moving from one file to another using the 'search next' function I don't know exactly how many files have unsaved changes, but probably more than a dozen or so.

Note that if I keep the number of files with unsaved changes low, the hang doesn't seem to occur.

Update: Nope, cancel that. I've just had the hang occur on me again even tough I've been saving all files after every few changes. I have previously thought that saving files kept the hang from occurring.

Obviously, quitting the program and restarting results in all the unsaved changes being lost.
I'm relatively new to SE, and am not familiar with where to look for solutions to the problem. Is there some log file that might give me some clues as to what the problem is? Is there some bug reporting procedure I need to follow?

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