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OK, here is the new version.
Loading it should be easier this time.
Be sure to unload the current one first.
Unpack the zip and put the files where Slick can find them - in your slick path, or in your config directory directly.

Then from the Slick command line run

This should load all the modules in the right order to make it work.
To unload, run

For key binding, run

This release it mostly about cleaning up the code and making it work more reliably.
I haven't tested it extensively yet, but seems to work.

In the dialog there are some shortcuts.
"c" - cycle color
"Shift+c" - cycle color backwards.
"e" - toggle enable/disable
"w" - toggle word mode on/off.
"F2" - edit the highlight word.

(Updated the zip file to include the correct dlg defintion that includes esc key support).

Must fix the following in load
- colorDistance.e is with a lower case c (not Color), fix also in unload
- The absolute path to gRootPath should be replaced with"gRootPath = _ConfigPath();" as the 1st line of defmain(), or something similar.

Just installed it and assigned keys, did not try to really work with it.
Basically seems to work.

cant load this macro... can you provide more exactly how to ...
step by step.... if ti possible...

I added to the original post.
I also updated the git repo:

We noticed a problem with classes turning on too many pedantic options and causing the issue with the boolean keyword even if pedantic is off. Removing pedantic should have worked but currently doesn't. We will get that fixed.

Not sure what you did but I added the following to the top of a couple files. Not great but it works and is backward compatible.
#if __VERSION__>=22
    #define boolean bool


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