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SE : SlickEdit Pro 2016 (v21.0.0.12 64-bit)

When loading HighlightDialog.e
get the following error in the status line: Identifier 'sc' not declared
and the attached dialog

It would also be nice to be able to set specific colors to specific words.
I managed to get the functions to receive a string (default '') in addition to using the selection or cur_word, but setting a specific color is a bit obscure, so I need help here.

Use-case: analyzing log files. Having constant colors for debug/info/warning/error would be an enormous enhancement.

WRT "sc", at the top of the file change import to require
#require "sc/lang/IToString.e"
#require "sc/lang/IHashable.e"

I'm not sure what the difference is.

I want to develop this further, but I don't have a pressing need for it - so its just in my spare time right now.

I intended for the UI to allow you to pick a specific color for each word, but I've not written that part yet.
Probably not with a color picker, but something simpler like cycling the colors each time you click on the word in the UI.

But when you get to it, keep in mind the possibility to determine strings and bound colors via a macro call.
This will allow persistence.
    SetSymHighlight("ERROR", 1);
    SetSymHighlight("WARNING", 2);
    SetSymHighlight("INFO", 3);
The numbers denote a color index.

I've incorporated these suggestions into the new version - not quite ready yet.

WRT SetSymHighlight() - I have this now, but what I'd like to do is have save/load functions to take the current set of highlights and save to a file, and later restore them.

I'm considering supporting a regex as a match string, but this has some interesting effects and would be difficult to make it robust given an arbitrary user written regex.


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