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HOWTO change background color of PHP content?


Using Win32 - SlickEdit Version 10.0.3

== example.php ==
== end example.php

The background color is gray, similar to selection color. How do I change the bg color in this context?  I looked at "Color" and "Color Coding", but could not find a setting that affects the background color between <?php ?>.

Any help is greatly appreciated,

I do not know PHP at all, but I could reproduce your problem.
Try the following: Goto Tools -> Options -> Color..., select 'Set embedded language color', the backgroung goes to grey, set it to white (or whatever), and select 'Sync backgrounds'. Update all you want to have a white background, probably all. Then OK/Apply.
If you have a SE version before 11.x, the 'sync backgrounds' is probably not available, so you'll have to change several background colors yourself.


Johan Bezem

Johan is correct that you need to set the embedded language color.  PHP is an intrinsically embedded language, since the host page is always HTML or XML.  It is an unfortunate side-effect of the way the language evolved.

In fact, in SlickEdit, the "php" extension simply refers to "html".  If you want to make changes to actual PHP editing settings, you need to select "phpscript".

Thanks for your help! It worked like a charm. With version 10, I had to go through every item in the list, but it is worth it! Editing embedded PHP is hard on my eyes with the default gray background. I switched to a soft cream color (255,255,235) background and replaced all white foreground colors with gray (192,192,192).



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