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RC5: License expired

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The license for the RC5 (and it appears all the beta/RC releases) appears to have expired today and I can no longer use it.

Tim Kemp:
I'm surprised there hasn't been a reply to this. It seems like the SlickEdit team would like to keep the pre-release testing to continue. You guys should either extend the license or make an official release.

I ran into that, so I went to registered products, selected my free upgrade, and downloaded a new license file. It's what I'd have to do for the final release in any event.

Tim Kemp:
I had just re-downloaded the beta license and it was already expired. Thanks for letting us know about the upgrade link Jim! I downloaded it and am happily running v20.0.0.12.

Did you download the license for the Beta or for Slickedit Pro 2015?  The Beta license is expired. The Pro 2015 should not be (and wasn't for me.)


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