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RC5: File setup not saved


My computer crashed so when I started SE, none of the files I was working on appeared.  Instead, a bunch of files I was working on a week ago appeared.

Win 7 Pro, RC5

I just noticed that it opened a workspace I haven't worked on in at least a week.  When I opened my current workspace, a bunch of old files showed up that I haven't had open in a few days.

I've noticed that SlickEdit isn't necessarily kind in it's state info if it is abruptly terminated.

Since I'm usually running SlickEdit on a remote machine across an X session, I've gotten into the habit of exiting SlickEdit before the weekend just so that that state info is preserved.  Otherwise, if my X session goes away, Slickedit dies and the state info is lost (what workspace, project, files, etc.). 

I've been using SE forever and it's never handled this well. When things are unstable (VM crashing at a high frequency, for example), I make a point of quitting/restarting SE when I want to make sure settings changes stick. It seems only to save the settings and buffer states when it's quit normally. If it crashes, or you kill the process it goes back to whatever the last saved state was.


There's a "save_config" command you can run instead of exiting and restarting.

I totally agree that this area of the product needs improvement!!!


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