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Missing Display Files Option in Dev Tool Tab


In SlickEdit 2013 I could select the Dev Tool tab and it would show all of the function names, constants, etc in the panel to the left.
There was also an option called "Display Files" which would let me display all of the open files in that same tab. I could click on the file to expand and contract.
Selecting a different file would automatically expand the selected file and close the other file so that you were always looking at the functions and constants within the selected file.

In SlickEdit 2014 and SlickEdit 2015 it appears the Display Files option was removed.
Is there any way to enable this feature in either of these versions. I use this feature all the time.
Essentially I want to be able to see the list of open files and be able to show the list of functions, prototypes, constants, variables, etc in a list on the left.

View>Tool Windows>Defs will display the function names, etc. View>Tool Windows>File will display the file list.

You missed the point.
In the previous 2013 and prior releases you could see the file list and the functions in the same tab. You could expand the files to see the functions and see what files are opened in the same tab.  It appears that this capability was removed. I just want to know whether or not that is true.

Sorry. I thought you were talking about two separate issues, not the combination of the two. My bad.


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