Author Topic: v20 OS X Issues  (Read 1084 times)


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v20 OS X Issues
« on: November 12, 2015, 02:00:30 pm »
I am currently checking out Slickedit v20 on OSX, and I have come across a few problems:
- In the Options Dialog, tab Appearance | General, I can edit the first color (Vertical line color), but none of the others
- The highlight color for selecting between different docked windows (e.g., Build, Output) is very dark, making the contrast to the black text too low. Same color is used for OK, Cancel, ... button highlights
- I have set up my workspace to show a Preview and a References window, both docked. When I reopen Slickedit, my Preview layout selection is not restored.
- In the References pane, when I go through the references, the file preview in that pane is sometimes scrolling the text one character to the left, so I miss the first character. Seems to happen only when there lines long enough to trigger showing a horizontal scrollbar.
- In the preview pane, there are often both a declaration and a definition available. I cannot find any way to influence what should be selected by default.  (I would like to have definitions priority for functions, and declarations for variables. If I am on the declaration/definition, I want to see the other in the Preview)
- When using the trackpad to scroll through files or my projects pane, I find it too easy to accidentally scroll left/right.


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Re: v20 OS X Issues
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2015, 01:17:52 am »
1) colors -- The current line box color and current line column color are disabled unless Current line highlight is set to something other than "None".  Likewise, selective display line color is disabled unless Selective Display bracketing is On.

2) The tab highlight color comes from the Mac preferences, so this depends on your MacOS version and your General / Appearance settings on the Mac.

3) I will hot fix the Preview window settings not being restored, thanks for reporting that.

4) The References preview will get scrolled horizontally when it has to in order to place the cursor on the symbol reference.

5) The Preview window honors the same Context tagging navigation rules as Go to Definition.  Document > C/C++ Options > Context Tagging > Prioritize navigation to...  Unfortunately, there is no way to configure it to behave differently for variables and functions.

6) I do not have a trackpad on my Mac, so I was not able to test this, but ou might want to use the two-finger scrolling option and turn off "Allow horizontal scrolling"


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Re: v20 OS X Issues
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2015, 11:57:36 am »
Sorry for my late response:

1) fair enough, maybe add a tooltip to tell the reason why it is disabled?

2) But on the standard control, the text is rendered white to provide enough contrast. SlickEdit should do the same.

4) This I can understand, and is the expected behavior. But when moving to another reference, it should scroll back to the beginning, if the line is short enough.

5) Thank you for pointing this out.

6) Allow horizontal scrolling is no longer an option in Yosemite.
I never have these issues with BBEdit. I believe they are treating all tracking movement in a 60°(?) cone upwards/downwards as a vertical movement only. And this is what you want, you are not typically scrolling code diagonally.
I find the SlickEdit scrolling behavior very annoying, as I manage to accidentally scroll every few minutes.