Author Topic: Wierd Brief Select "bug"  (Read 1142 times)


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Wierd Brief Select "bug"
« on: April 21, 2016, 08:45:17 pm »
Here is a strange one:

Starting with a clean config (-sc to an empty directory)
Configure Slickedit for Brief emulation and enable Editing -> Search -> Search String Initialization -> Selected text (if exists).
Cut and paste the following (between the -------):

This is a test

Hello again

Select the word Hello at the top of the file (double click on it).
press F5 (search)
make sure that only incremental search is enabled
Click on find.

Notice that all of the text from the start of the first Hello to the H in the second hello is selected.

I think what is happening is that the incremental search is moving the cursor to the 1st character of the 1st occurrence of Hello after the current selection.  This cursor movement is extending the selection from just the initial word to the entire block between the start of the search and the first found occurrence of the selected text.

I believe this is incorrect behavior. The incremental search should turn off selection while moving the current position and then re-enble it when done.  Another option would be to deselect the selected text as soon as the selected text has been copied to the search dialog box.