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GDB debugging problem
« on: March 14, 2007, 01:39:28 pm »
Hi All,

We have an external build system which is launched as a custom command from Slickedit (building using G++ under Linux), this all works fine. I am trying to set up the GBD integration so we can debug from within Slickedit but have run into some problems. If i launch the debug session from the 'Debug/Attach Debugger/Debug Other Executable' menu i can debug without problems, however, i would like to launch the debugger without the dialogs popping up from a custom 'Debug' command on the Build menu. I have tried calling vsdebugio directly using the command line 'vsdebugio -prog MyExecutable' but i get an error popup saying "Error starting debugger: Invalid debugging session id". This error dialog only appears if i have not already used the 'Debug/Attach Debugger/Debug Other Executable' menu and launched the debugger since loading slickedit (i presume this has created the session id i need?). Does anyone know how to get around the problem (by calling a slick-c macro to set things up maybe)?

Thanks for your help

James Attewell