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patch 11.0.1 OSX and Auto Complete

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Anyone else having trouble with patch 11.0.1 and OSX?  I had to roll back to 11.0.0 because my auto complete window starts to shrink every time it pops up until finally it is a 1 pixel thing gray line... and then after that it is the right size but blank.

Occasionally it will work, but basically it becomes totally useless.

First time in the last 6 years that I have ever had any trouble from a slickedit patch. :(  Oh well, guess it had to happen sometime.

To SE devs, you guys do great work but I think a few probs snuck through on this patch. ;)


Couldn't take it anymore had to rollback to 11. :(  First time I've ever had to do that with SE.

I see the same thing. Auto-complete is pretty much useless as is. Makes the entire thing to freeze for 5 seconds every time you type an '=' or '(' just to show some "gray box" with nothing in it. This is the "only" SE I have. Nothing to "roll back" to.

Can I presume, Grubba, that you have a dual-monitor setup?

I have seen this problem resolved on a dual-monitor configuration, by adding a line to the vslick.ini (in your configuration directory) that corresponds to the resolution of the monitors.
(Primary and secondary, respectively; in this example both were 1600x1200)

The line to be added to your vslick.ini would be similar to the following, using *your* particular primary and secondary monitor's resolution settings:

VSLICK=-summ "1600 1200, 1600 1200"

I hope this helps!

Indeed! It's a quad monitor setup. It took a bit of fiddling around but it now works.



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