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SE fires up Mozilla with SE help every time man page of something is not found



SE on Linux launches the Mozilla explorer (not the defined FF in the Browser Settings) every time a "man" page of something is not found (when using the F1 key). Is there a way to prevent this behavior from occurring?


I ran into this problem. For some reason, the web browser setup dialog does not appear to be working. I fixed this by modifying the vslick.ini file in my ~home/.slickedit/11.0.1/ directory. Just add a line to set VSLICKHELP_WEB_BROWSER to the path to firefox (e.g. /opt/firefox/firefox on my system). When you restart slickedit, it should work just fine.


Thanks for the tip, although this is not the problem (Firefox is always launched in all the other cases). The problem is that F1 key when pressed on anything, that doesn't has a "man" page associated, launches Mozilla with SE help.

For example, say I have the following code:

int i = fopen(...);

Pressing F1 on anything other then fopen, will launch Mozilla.

Another case:

int i = whatever();

Pressing F1 on whatever() will launch Mozilla as well.

The message "man page for spam not found" always appears, before the browser is launched. I think it's quite enough, and would like to prevent the SE help coming up in the browser (especially as Mozilla is quite resource hungry and halts the workflow).



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