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user.cfg.xml is not versioned

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 Backup history isn't kept for user.cfg.xml.Other files in the config area are diffed when edited by slick (as opposed to explicitly editing them by the user in an edit window).It would be nice for this file to be versioned as well.[/size]

Definitely possible. Not sure if I like it though.

Since apparently you do like it....

I sure like it - its a great way to see what config changes I've made - more detailed than OptionsHistory.

Now, can workspace, project and workspace preprocessor.h files be versioned as well? (vpj, vpw and <workspace>_cpp.h)

Today I've run into a problem where tagging for my workspace never finishes - even when I delete the VTG file and restart slick. I've been editing my preprocessor definitions today as well - so I'd like to be able to restore that file to where it used to be and try retagging to see if that fixes it ... but I don't have history for that file :-(

I was a bit concerned about the performance overhead. If machines were slower, it would definitely be a bad idea (like a mobile version ;D).

Workspaces wouldn't be a problem because they are small. Doing this for the project file isn't a good idea because they can be huge (100,000 files). I'm not sure this could be on by default. The preprocessing files aren't saved much so backup history for them is fine and since these are not XML, it should be very easy and efficient to add. XML files have to be converted to editor buffers and then saved. That's a lot of extra overhead. We might be able to optimize this (avoid saving to a buffer) with some specialized backup history code.

So, what was the result here?
I've found in my vsdelta folder some VPJ files, but not most.

I found if I have open the VPJ as a text file and save it a couple of times to create the p.VPJ.VSDELTA, then when I do Project->Properties and change things, Slick does keep history - as long as I keep the VPJ file open as a text file as well (versions are "Created by Auto Reload").


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