Author Topic: serious multi-project bug with integrated debugger  (Read 2561 times)


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serious multi-project bug with integrated debugger
« on: April 03, 2007, 03:10:28 pm »
i've got a cygwin-based set of projects in the same workspace. they each contain project-specific files that sometimes have the same filename but different implementations. the simplest example is main.cpp. each project has a main.cpp with different implementations. there are 10-20 files like this, so simply renaming them is not a practical solution (not to mention that the company has naming conventions for these files).

the problem with the integrated debugger is that it will bring up and step thru the same named file from a different project than the project i am debugging! it is usually obvious because the stepping falls on blank and comment lines.

i've reported this some time ago (confirmed as a reproducible bug by your support group) so it has been around since at least version 11.

please resolve this. it impacts the whole team and there is no easy workaround.