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4K display issues

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I code on a Dell 27" 4K monitor (P2715Q).  On this display I can change the font sizes so that SE looks very good.  There are, however, a few SE GUI items that I can't change that are too small for comfort.

1) The breakpoint and bookmark icons are very small
2) The highlight markers are very small

The biggest problem is with the highlight markers as they are so small that it is hard to pick them out sometimes.  I think the width should be bigger (at least twice as wide) and the minimum height should be larger.

I will file a feature request to have an option to use larger icons here.

I'm curious, I use a larger 4k monitor, what font size do you use with the 27 inch Dell?

Consolas 12

--- Code: --- <misc.fonts n="misc.fonts" version="1">
<cmdline font_name="Courier New" sizex10="120" flags="0x0" configs="win"/>
<status font_name="MS Sans Serif" sizex10="100" flags="0x0" configs="win"/>
<sbcs_dbcs_source_window font_name="Consolas" sizex10="120" flags="0x0" configs="win"/>
<hex_source_window font_name="Default Fixed Font" sizex10="140" flags="0x0" configs="win"/>
<file_manager_window font_name="Default Fixed Font" sizex10="120" flags="0x0" configs="win"/>
<function_help font_name="Courier New" sizex10="90" flags="0x0" configs="win"/>
<dialog font_name="Tahoma" sizex10="80" flags="0x0" configs="win"/>

--- End code ---

That's interesting, you use the same size font that I do, so I'd think the relative size appearance would be the same.  Could you post a screen shot?

Also, which highlight markers do you mean specifically?

It probably has something to do with scaling factors.

My P2715Q (3840 x 2160)is set to 175%.
My U3011 (2560x1600) is set for 100%.

I ran SE21 on each with the same Application size (didn't resize between runs) and showing the same files.
hdpi1 is on the P2715Q at 175%.
hdpi2 is on the U3011 at 100%.

You can see the highlight markers on the right side along the scroll bar.  In the hdpi1 view (when seen on a 4K monitor) they are VERY small.


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